1-01-2012:   The advanced mods are done on the Oppo 95 and they are amazing.  We have never heard so much musical information coming off our discs.



8-02-2012 :  Added  a better clock and shunt regulator for the main processor on the Oppo players and also added the Audio-Magic Pulse Gen ZX as an option on the Oppo mods. 

9-11-2012:   I just have to rave about the picture coming out of the modded Oppo 93/95........I just have to!!!!!  I have never seen color so saturated and pretty with detail that is out of this world.  This was the result of the lower jitter clock to the main processor and the AudioMagic Pulse Gen ZX we added.  This mod is part of our all out analog mods but can be purchased separately for $650 for either the 93 or 95.....the sound via HDMI is way better as well.  Amazing!

10-11-2012 We are assembling and modding the incredible Hypex NC-400 amplifier modules.

11-12-2012   Mods to the new Oppo 103 are now available.  Very nice! 

5-7-2013:  Zero feedback J-fet buffer now available in the Oppo 105 and 95......seriously transparent sound! 
2-6-2014:   We have added a linear power supply to our Oppo mods, more damping and better output caps.   All our same Oppo mods are available for the new Darbee versions.

5-30-2015:   We have moved and have a new email address as well, new phone # soon.  The Oppo mods are still incredible and slightly better with the addition of the Mad Scientist Kegs on the AC input.  Our class A amps are about to get tested in the real world so should be available soon.  Please check out: 

You really need to check out the Ground Enhancers....for so little money they make a tremendous improvement....money back guarantee!

15% off on all out mods to Oppo players
11-17-2015 We have a prototype Class A amp for sale (seriously great sound!  Please see our Specials for sale page for info.
1-12-2016 :  Looking for a DAC?......We may have just the ticket for you.  Please check this link out