OPPO 103/103D Mods

2-14-2014: Oppo has done it again....raised the bar.  The new 103D has better picture and sound via HDMI (even without the Darbee processing).  We have changed all the caps in the new power supply to lower impedance ones for better performance and also have added cork damping under the power transformer and are now damping the main processor heatsink (all for better audio and video).

:  We now have a linear power supply replacement for the switching power supply.  The sound is greatly improved and the picture is also improved.  This supply uses a giant 120 watt toroidal transformer and over 82,000 uf of capacitance.

The two mods available for both the 103 and 103D are:

1.  HDMI/Digital out mod: We change the switching power supply to a linear power supply, modify the transport, remove the toslink connector, install a super low jitter clock on the main processor using our custom shunt regulator and install the $400 AudioMagic Pulse Gen ZX.  This mod makes the picture, the HDMI audio and the coax out much much better and also makes the 7.1 analog out better.  $1050.  We can also do the mod without the AudioMagic Pulse Gen ZX.  Call for pricing.

2.  Analog output stage mod:  We replace the entire output stage in the front two channels with our own zero feedback fet buffer circuit.  This gives one volt RMS per phase. We also add a WA Quantum dot to three power supply caps and one to the DAC chip.....also damp the heatsinks on the regulators.  An additional $200.   This output stage makes the two channel outputs sound even better.  Really great sound now.  This mod is available only in conjuntion with the above mod.  Not solo.  You really need to clean up the transport and jitter to get the analog out to sound really great.

If you only are using the Oppo for its digital/HDMI outs then the modded 103D is the only way to go.  The 105D has the same digital out/HDMI out capability.....you get the 105D cuz you want the super duper analog out capability, direct DAC inputs, headphone amp and better digital volume control..

Received this email on 12-30-2012 from customer Ted

, I am still amazed at the difference in the audio and video after your Mod.
I compared my friend's un-modded 103 to the Tweak audio digital mod and the Modded diff was significantly better.
THANKS again and have a great New Years.
Way better sound using the new linear power supply.  Check out the size of that tranny!  We mount the transformer on cork and tie it down with cable ties....much better sound than using a steel plate and screw.

10-15-2013 from customer John ,

Ric, thanks, your mods to the 103 are outstanding! Got the power supply mod, too, and am using the 103 as a transport. Resolution, inner detail and presence are all WAY better than the stock 103, even though I did not opt for the Pulse Gen mod. Also the bass firmed up and deepened. Highs are clearer and applause is very realistic sounding. Really sounding awesome now...for me the transport really IS roughly half the sound quality...(!) Thank You! Best wishes

10-15-2013: Geoff Kait of Machina Dynamica is using my modded 103 as his reference CD player....below some comments from him

Just listened to my Oppo with LPS installed and after 100 burn in on XLO track.  Sounds very good, more dynamic, smoother, more articulate.

Ric Schultz at Electronic Visionary Systems did me a big favor recently by installing OPPOMOD's Linear Power Supply in my modded Oppo 103 (modded by Ric earlier in the year).  In addition Ric upgraded the stock caps in the LPS and provided a better physical interface for the big honking toroidal xformer in the LPS.  Mods Ric provided for the Oppo 103 include Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX, analog and digital mods, damping for chassis, caps and transport, etc.  In addition to Ric's mods I have incorporated a few of my own, including WA Quantum Chips, Marigo VTS Dots, Golden Sound Acoustic Discs, Moingo discs for transport, tray masking, Leaf Green Cream from PWB, Quicksilver Gold Contact Enhancer, etc.  Thanks to Ric for extraordinary sound in terms of dynamics, realism, articulation, and air.  The Oppo drives a Bada Hybrid SET headphone amp with naked Sennheiser 600s.  Cabling by Analysis Plus and Nordost.  All power cords burned in on Alan Kafton's latest Audiodharma Cable Cooker and all cabling cryogenically treated.  More analog than analog.

2-14-2014  email received:

Thank you for the great job modifying my Oppo 103. 

I am an art director who spent 25 years in the television industry. I've seen the industry go through many changes. So I know a lot about video. However, audio is my main interest. I love music. About 12 years ago I decided to put together a serious home theater system. I purchased 3 Nomad Audio RPD active speakers & 2 surrounds, a Cary Audio Cinema 12 processor & a Butler Audio TBD 5150 - 5 channel hybrid amp. I've gone through many universal players: Pioneer Elite, Esoteric, Modified Oppo 83 & now Ric Schultz's Modified Oppo 103.

I don't know how to describe Ric's 103 other than simply amazing! First of all the sound is so real & believable. Nuances of sound appear all over the room. Separation of instruments, air, articulation is better than anything I have ever heard or even thought possible. Not even a hint of harshness. The bass is very well defined with good impact. I never knew there was this much detail in the bass region. The top is elegant & the midrange is just glorious! I don't think I could put a label on the sound other than Real!

I am using a Pioneer Elite Plasma Pro-950HD & the picture quality can be described just like the sound. Scary real. More detail, more depth & blacker blacks than I have ever seen. Rich color & details of information that I never thought possible. Last month I had the opportunity to see Sony's new XBR 4K Ultra HD. This is the highest resolution TV picture available. Many people consider this to be the future the best available but the picture I now have on my Pioneer 950 is so much better in all respects. It is very 3D with out being a 3D TV. But more than anything else, it is so real!

One of my favorite things to watch are live concerts. What a treat this is. It truly does seem like a live performance in my living room. Thank you Ric.

Rick Frye