Soon to be released (pics coming soon):

Dual mono Stereo amp 25 watt per channel (50 into 4 ohms) pure class A amp with rca inputs or if you buy two amps then I can configure them into 200 watt a channel (400 into 4) mono block balanced only amps.  The balanced amps will sound better and give more power but must be hooked up with balanced source/preamp.

Some of the goodies that are probable include:

2 300 watt toroid transformers
Furutech AC inlet
Silver plated cryoed fuse holder
Audiophile fuse standard....a serious one
Damped high speed soft recovery diodes
Nichicon Power Supply caps
Modified Wima .33 uf bypass caps
Totally DC circuit (no caps anywhere)
2 stage pure fet symmetrical circuit
only two resistors and two stages of fets in signal path
3 pairs of parallel mosfets on output (lower output impedance and more reliable)
Non-magnetic hardware for mounting output mosfets
No current limiting
No fuses in power supply
No relays on output
No zobel network or inductor needed (stable into any load including electrostats)
Damped heatsinks
Damped chassis
Damped circuit boards
Worlds best input jack (either Furutech or WBT)
Worlds best output connector (my binding post bypass system)
Worlds best resistors (Susumu surface mount or nude Vishay (VAR)
Worlds best wire (Marigo custom litz, Neotech custom silver/gold, etc.)
Mad Scientist Ceramic feet.
110 k input impedance
23 db gain
.18 ohm output impedance
Low feedback
flat from DC to 50K.....minus 3 at 220K
High Class A bias (over 1.5 amps per rail)
Chassis 17 x 12 x 6
35 lbs.  Black anodized.
5 year transferable warrantee
30 day money back gaurantee

All the above is around $1300 in parts....the goal is to sell it for $2500.  This is unheard of value, even at direct wholesale.  Usually at retail it is 6-7 times the parts cost.

Possible? options could include:  nude Vishays,  Bybee goodies, Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX, etc.

Right now (4-14-2015) the proto is doing things I never heard before.....really palpable and real.  Every instrument in its own space and wider soundstage than ever before....super inner detail.  It should get way better with all the goodies I am about to try in the next few weeks.   I will be taking orders soon.  This amp should be world class.  There is no solid state amp that I know of that has as simple a circuit combined with all the tweaky execution this will have.  World's firsts include: binding post bypass system, damped/isolated input jacks, damped heatsinks, WA Quantum chips, Mad Scientist Kegs and footers.

The goal with this amp is to make the most transparent transistor amp that I can.  This is the first product since my 1995 "Hand Made DAC" that is totally my own design and done all out.  I will try everything possible to make this amp sound as good as possible. 

Possible 50 watt mono blocks and 200 watt balanced bridged mono blocks (all in the same chassis).

Below is a mental comparison between what I might be doing and the latest discounted $2500 First Watt F6 amp (listening comparisons not done yet):

                                                  EVS Amp                                                                       Firstwatt F6

AC  Inlet                                Furutech                                                                          basic

Fuse Holder                          Cryoed Silver plated                                                      basic

Fuse                                        $60 plus audiophile fuse                                              normal stock fuse

Thermistors in power
supply                                    These distort sound, none needed                              yes                                         

Power transformers               2 300 Watt toroids (dual mono)                                 1 toroid (one power supply for
                                                                                                                                           both channels)

Recifiers                                  Damped fast/soft recovery                                         ?  not damped

Power supply caps                Nichicon Audio Caps                                                  Panasonic

Power supply bypass           12  Hand Modified Wima .33 polyprops                  None 

RCA input jack                     Furutech or WBT Nextgen                                         Gold plated Cardas?

Binding posts                       Exclusive binding post bypass system                       Cardas?

Input wire                              Marigo Labs or Silver/Gold custom Neotech           looks ordinary
                                                or Cardas Clear or ?

power supply wire              Furutech PCOCC or ?                                                     looks ordinary

output wires                         Furutech or Marigo or ?                                                  looks ordinary

parallel output mosfets      Yes, three pairs                                                                 no, just one pair

LED on indicators              No, they distort sound                                                    Yes

RCA jacks isolated from   Yes, lowers noise and distortion                                    No 

Exotic isolation feet           Yes, $179 set of Mad Scientist Ceramic footers          No

Damped heatsinks.
circuit boards and chassis    Yes                                                                                     No

Gain                                        23db or 16X                                                                     14db or 5X

output impedance               .18 ohms                                                                            .5 ohms

input impedance                  101K                                                                                  101K

Bandwidth                            flat from DC to 50K....minus 3 at 220K                       -3 at 50K  slight roll off 
                                                                                                                                              at 20K 

Warrantee                             5 years parts and labor transferable                               3 years parts and labor

 money back guarantee      Yes, 30 day in house trial                                               10 day trial from Reno Hifi