11-17-2015:  Prototype 25 watt class A amp for sale (25 watts into 8 ohms and 50 into 4).  This amp will sound better than any of the F, M or J Series First Watt Amps.  This is exactly what I will be sellng for $2500 minus a couple of the better parts (feet not as good).   However, this single ended dual mono amp has $135@  500 watt Plitron transformers for each channel (I will be using cheaper 300 watt trannies in production).  Check out the amps page for more details.  Most of what is listed there is included in this amp.  I can complete this amp within 2 weeks of payment.  Price is $1500 plus shipping.  Weighs about 35 lbs.  30 day unconditional money back gaurantee.  Call for more details.  831-420-8819.

A set of 3 Walker Audio one half inch discs (lead and brass).  I used these underneath the DH cones for even better sound.  They list for $150 a set...yours for $50.
3 Mapleshade Hemi Heavy hat brass triple point dampers (typically used on top of equipment).  List is $65....will sell for $30.
Pair of Eminence Alpha 15A woofers.  These have damping material on the frame and a piece of mdf glued to the magnet and then bolted to 13 ply plywood for bracing.  I can remove the wood and/or you can even have the H-frames they are mounted in for free (pick up only).  The woofs list for $65 each.  You can have both for $50.  The H-frames are free for pick up.
Brand new Avel-Lindberg 625 watt toroidal transformer.  Model Y236852.  2 35V secondaries.  If you series the primaries you can get 2 18V secondaries.  List is $98.....sell for $40.
See below:  big 22.000uf Cerafines.
Beat up looking Cerafine giant electrolytic caps.  I bought these directly from Elna in 1990.....yup...oldies but goodies....very, very  rare.  I think I paid something like $20 each for them.....in todays money that would be around $38.......yours for $30 each......I have 10 22,000uf 50V caps and 2 10,000 uf 100V caps.   There are some NOS versions of these caps on ebay right now for $140 each....yowzer!

Lots of Brand New Nichicon Caps for sale.....all low impedance.
All are being sold at 75% off the current 10 plus list price.  $20 minumun purchase....overseas/Canada  $30 minimum.  $50 for the whole enchilada (everything below)....that is another $24 off.

ZL series:

20  2200uf  16V  .4 each
16 560uf 63V  .37 each
49 1000uf 16V  .30 each
74 470 uf 25V  .20 each
99 220uf 25V  .15 each

UHE series:

100 680uf 10V .05 each
6   1000uf 25V .12 each
28 330uf 16V  .05 each
20 330uf 25V  .05 each
8 470uf 25V .07 each
46 2200uf 16V  .15 each

UPW series:

20 1000uf 25V  .09 each