You just cannot imagine what this simple inexpensive tweak can do!  Our new EVS Ground Enhancers will make any stereo or multichannel system better......I mean much almost every way.  These "accessories"  mount on the negative terminal of the speakers, amps and can be used on line level grounds too.  There is nothing really like it at all and no matter how much tweaking you have done to your system or how expensive your speakers or system is, these Ground Enhancers will still do their thing.  Since this works best on the speakers/amps, every source will benefit from the sound upgrade.  However, using them at the preamp and source will also enhance the sound.  So, what are these things and how do they work?  These Ground Enhancers are simply tuned pieces of fine copper litz wire that add a low impedance localized ground storage that enhance the sound in ways that are dumbfounding.  Actually, no one really knows what they are doing, but this makes the most sense.  The only thing that matters is that they work....and by work I mean make the sound much in: more vivid, more bass, tighter bass, more extended highs, lower distortion, cleaner transients, more musical.....well, you get the idea.....most everything is improved.  We sell these things with a 30 day money back guarantee so if you hear no difference or don't like what you hear then simply send them back   Notice:   We send the Enhancers with no instructions.  The instructions for using them are here along with all information you could ever want (see bottom of page).  If you have a question you do not see answered here then please send us an email and we will answer you and put the question and answer here for others.  Please check back often for new information being added and new product details.

EVS Basic Ground Enhancer.  $30.00 for one pair.  Yes, that is right.....$30.00!!!   2 or more pair are $25 each.  You can buy one half, if you have a center channel you can just buy three individual ones......prices are $12.50 each.  These prices do not include shipping or tax if you are in CA.  You must add your shipping costs and local tax or we will not process your order. The basic EVS Ground Enhancer contains a tuned configuration of OFC litz wire and the termination to your speakers, etc. is via an 18 gauge PCOCC solid core copper wire.   If you are bi-wiring then two pairs will be needed.  They will also work on the amp end of the speaker wire, but they do the most at the speaker end.  Naturally, you will want them at both ends.  So, if you are not bi-wiring you would want two pairs and if you are bi-wiring you would want three pairs.  Of course, you can buy just one pair to try on your will want more!   If you have a multichannel system you can use them on any and all of your speakers!

We can ship these anywhere in the world.  Overseas customers must buy at least 2 pair ($50) as we lose more money in payment fees and more time to fill out custom forms.  Shipping costs are $6.00 Priority mail in the US. Overseas shipping costs (including Canada) are $13.00 regular air mail or $26.50 priority mail.   This is for any quantity.

We will have paypal buttons on the site soon but until then you can simply paypal the money using my normal email address (  Remember to let me know which version or combo of versions you want (straight or hooked) and if in CA you need to add your local tax to the total before the shipping charge.  You can also email me and I will send a paypal invoice to you using your email address.

We supply the EVS Ground enhancers with either of two bare wire configurations

1. The first is a simple straight piece of wire.  Since the termination wire is stiff (single crystal), you can use it like you would a spade and simply bend the wire into a loop and put it on the negative terminal of your speaker along with the negative speaker wire.  You could also bend it back further and use it as a banana plug.  You can terminate it with any kind of connector and even mount it via its wire inside a speaker, inside an amp or even inside a preamp or source (always on the ground....never the hot and not across ground to hot).   If your binding post has a hole in it you can put the bare wire directly into it.  The single crystal wire can be broken very easily by bending it back and forth at the same be careful.....please see instructions below.

The "body" is three inches long and the single crystal copper termaination wire is over 2 inches long.

Here are the RCA versions.  Two, yes two mints in one!  You get an RCA shield and a Ground Enhancer all together.  The Telos RCA shields are great and used with our Ground Enhancers......well, you will   They are sold as singles....usually one on a component is fine since the grounds are common in most gear.  Cost is $25 for one .  If you are buying more than one then they are  $22.50   each .

Here are the XLR versions.....male or female....same price as above.  $25 each if buying one and $22.50 each if buying more than one.  Nuetrik gold plated connectors are used.  Please specify male or female when ordering.  Remember that the XLRs that you want to order are the opposite of what is on the equipment.  Chassis mount outputs (as in a preamp or CD player output) are you would want a female Ground Enhancer.  Chassis mount inputs (as in your preamp inputs or amp inputs) are for there, you would want a male Ground Enhancer.

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2. Below is the second version having a hook and a bend.  Easier to mount in most applications.  You can rebend the wire as needed (carefully).