Customer Pics and comments
Dear Ric,
I am sending you a pic of one of your Ground Enhancers fitted on a Q Acoustics 1010i loudspeaker.
The sound is more organic and holographic now. This was noticeable almost immediately, with audiophile or basic audio/video sources.
Euro for euro, this is a fabulous tweak, affordable and easy to fit without voiding the warranty.
I shall order more “GEs” very soon, tonight probably.
Hello Ric,
I have received the Ground Enhancers since a week now, but I have only installed them 3 days ago.
The improvement is well noticeable. I will try to describe what I hear.
First, I could say that when I remove the Enhancers, I had the impression that the music lose some clarity  and in consequence I had to make some effort to hear the music with the same easiness then I had with them. 
The listening test were made in MCH, essentially with string quartets from Beethoven (HM Sacd), but also with piano sonatas from Beethoven (Pentatone Sacd), Deutsches Requiem from Brahms (Pentatone Sacd), Verdis Otello  (LSo Sacd). This choice is fortuit. I have received these disks recently and so I am listening to them.
With the string quartet the effect of the Enhancers are very enjoyable. Each instrument could be heard very distinctly in a global acoustical space which give them enormous presence. Sometimes I had the feeling that the volume was higher with the enhancers than without them. I think that their principal improvement is their : each instrument is more palpable.
Another improvement is  in micro dynamics. On the piano, this is very appreciable. Transients (I am not sure about the word : transitoires in french ...) are reproduced very cleanly ...
Until now I haven't tied the wire with a string, but I am sufficiently convinced about the Ground Enhancers that I would like to order 3 new pairs of them.
My system is composed of speakers from Nola (L and R : Signature Elite with the crossover in a separate box, biwire ;  Central : LCR Reference, biwire) and Focal ( rear speakers).
Amps from Odyssey and Nuforce.
Analogue MCH Preamp from Orpheus (swiss made)
Sony SACD player modded by TRL
Hi Ric,

I received your GEs today and immediately put them on my speaker grounds.
This was a holy s**t moment.  The improvement to the music was amazing!
I have "The Horn" speakers, a DIY parafeed 12B4 tube amp and a TVC passive preamp.
The music is more solid, bigger, alive, and real.
When I turn up the volume the music no longer congests.
After symphonic music bursts I can feel the hall resonance.
The character and timbre of the various instruments is more pronounced.
Absolutely no sonic negatives unless the speakers and room are already bright sounding.
The GE's don't appear to remove digital grit or shrillness which only could be done by removing some of the music.
I've spent more than 100 times the $25 price for less improvement.

Below is the very first email I received from a customer on 10-27-2010. 
GEs do in fact make the music more real, vivid, cleaner & clearer, as you stated.  The bass especially does seem deeper, more intense, and at the same time, much tighter with more dynamic slam. The mids more organic & transparent with wonderful depth & spaciousness.  The highs, at least for me, did not seem brighter at all, but rather had a wonderful sheen and silkiness to them with more air and extension without the brightness edge. Who would have thunk it!  Amazing!!! I will order more after the holidays.
Hey Ric,
I'm really enjoying sharing my experiences about these Enhancers on AudioCircle.  It's been quite a while since I've bought anything to really talk about, let alone something that has turned out to be my system's missing link.
Way, way, way more to come, just begun!
Your EVS Ground Enhancers are amazing. Have them on my front three speakers in my 5.1 setup. I have Blue Circle Audio and Alan Maher tweaks in place, but your GE's take the cake. At least a 25% improvement.
Just to update you regarding your EVS GE's:
In using GE's on my surrounds, I had to bend them more than 90 degrees to accomodate my rear surround placement. There were no sonic negatives from bending
a GE. This was confirmed by installing them on my front seakers for a listening test (vs straight GE's) prior to implementing them on the surrounds.
The biggest bang for the RCA GE was easily on an unused RCA line input of my subwoofer. I could hear intricate bass details I could never hear before. Bass has more slam
and depth without being boomy. My sub was already tweaked with other tricks, but the GE took it to a place other tweaks couldnt. The sub should be a default location for your RCA GE.
Also, a RCA GE on a component input of my TV was a large success as well. Colors are more vibrant and the depth of the image was immediately evident - all this after 30 seconds.
I'm sure it will get better with 10+ hours on the TV. Another clear winner, and IMO a defaul installation location for an RCA GE.
The GE's at the speaker ends have now been in place for 4 days and my HT system has never sounded better. It is extremely pleasing discovering new detail in soundtracks and
music that I am very familiar with. I detect no ringing when using the hooked GE. In my installation, GE's at the speaker end came into their best after 72 hours.

The EVS Ground Enhancers arrived this morning. They were secured to the negative poles of my speaker posts within 5 minutes.

Mind you, this is not a "high end" system, just something I put together for my wife after I veered off in the direction of dedicated headphone listening. The equipment consists of a RAM-modded Samsung DVD-HD841 (before I knew better), an AMC XIA integrated amp, budget-priced Virtue Audio interconnect and speaker cable, Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 monitors and a Martin Logan Dynamo 500 sub.

The without/with differences were clearly and immediately apparent: an appreciable degree of added ease and richness of detail and tonality, coupled with an expansion in the 3D soundstage, greater effusiveness, transparency and synergy with seamless transition across the frequency range. The Wharfedales' bass and lower mids seem to have acquired an optimal ripeness and blend indistinguishably with the Dynamo. I am listening at increased volume but without fatigue.

It's amazing, actually, how "far into" the development of instrumental and vocal sounds I am now hearing while spinning Hiroshima's "Distant Thoughts" from their Third Generation album. The koto strums and plucks come through with absolutely luscious depth and detail--a newfound and utterly open sense of detail. June Kuramoto's solo on "From the Heart" is simply resonant and vivacious in a way I have never heard--nor thought I would ever hear--from this relatively modest equipment.

In short, a full immersion, musical experience of the highest order. And the bang-for-the-buck factor for your GEs is at least two orders of magnitude beyond any other "tweak" I have tried to date.

Needless to say, I am very excited to discover the effects that your GEs will have on my headphone amp, a modded Bada PH-12 with parallel headphone outputs!!

Thanks again, Ric, and congratulations on your break through with the GE. Personally, I hope you corner the market on every continent with these devices!

Hi Ric,
I received the Ground Enhancers yesterday and have installed them all.  They are having a profound effect on my system's sound, especially my Resolution Audio Opus 21 cd player.  Since purchasing this player a couple of months ago I've been tweaking it hoping to get it 'right' and I think the GEs have done just that.  I'm using the XLR GE with the Opus 21.  Thank you for such a great product.  Also, as an owner of Vandersteen 1C loudspeakers I'm looking forward to your upcoming GEs to fit...

Happy New Year,

The RCA version of the ground enhancer takes more time to break in, perhaps due to the larger mass of the RCA plug (seemed like around 20-25 hours.  In addition, the RCA version (installed on a preamp) was sensitive to the need for damping (with the cotton string).  To a degree it was actually tunable by means of where the string was attached and the amount of tension in the string to adjust the high frequencies.  Undamped (no string) the amount of detail was amazing, but the sound was tilted to high frequencies and thin from midrange on up.

The best solution for my preamp was the string gently tied through the center point of the cotton insulation to an interconnect cable adjacent to the ground enhancer.