The page you are on describes the mods for the BDP-83.   Please see our BDP-83SE page for info on that player. 

  Oppo has released an SE version of the 83 using ESS Sabre DACs for both multichannel and 2 channel.  This new upgraded model will only be for those who are using analog outs as the digital outs/HDMI outs remain the same as the standard 83.    Basically, it is better DACs and somewhat better power supplies than the standard 83. 


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Information below updated 7-19-10:

Wowie Zowie, Oppo has done it again!  Super Video and audio at $500 for a great universal machine (plays Blue Ray, regular DVDs, SACD, DVD-A, HDCD, you name two channel and 7.1 surround).   The standard DVD video upconversion is so good on this player it looks like Blue Ray on our 42 inch Pioneer Plasma....Blue Ray is, of course, killer.  The audio stock is not too bad....somewhat better than any Oppo before it.  Even unmodified, many will be happy with this player for sound and video.  Of course, we have a much higher perspective and while the audio is OK we can make it way, way fact, so much better that it is going to redefine value in high end sound and picture quality.  The remote is backlit and much better than any previous Oppo.  The machine is much larger with a much larger and better switching supply than any other Oppo, and has the top of the line Cirrus DACs (4398 for two channel and the 4382 for the surround channels), so there is not the DAC limitations of other Oppos.  This is the same stereo DAC chip that used in the newly released Marantz SACD/CD player that lists for $3000!   We feel the 83 and 83Se are so good and have so much potential that these are the only machines worth modding at all!!!!!  You get so much here.  This machine is amazing.

Currently we are running around 2 weeks lead time for advanced mods and  basic mods right away .  I can schedule you for advanced mods right away and you can send an Oppo here anytime for the basic mod (please let me know it is arriving).

Overseas orders:    I am getting a ton of inquiries from overseas.  I can ship anywhere in the world.  The Oppo has a universal power supply that runs on 110-240V and 50 or 60 cycles.  However, because the machine is being sent far away, I burn in the unit after mods for 3 days to make sure it is going to stay working.  For this extra labor I need to charge $25.  The minimum mod you can get for overseas sales is the basic mod ($225).  The MBBM is not available for overseas customers. This makes the total $250 minimum for any overseas orders.   All advanced mods are in addition.   If you want the machine multiregion capable then you have two options:  you can download the free software from and install it or have either the JVB or CRT Projectors hardware mod installed by me or install it yourself (takes 5 minutes and no soldering according to the JVB website).  Cost of the JVB board is currently $89 plus shipping in the US.  You could buy it at any time and have it shipped to your door and install it very quickly.  The apparent advantage of the hardware mod is that you only need to install it once, where as with each new software update to the Oppo you have to reapply a new hacked software with the code free info installed.  I am not an Oppo dealer but I can buy the Oppo for you and also buy the JVB or CRT thing for you and install it and then install all my mods and ship the unit anywhere in the world after that.  I charge $25 to install the JVB board.

Warrantee information:   Once the unit is modded you lose the factory warrantee.  We do not make enough money on our mods to give a free warrantee.  Those modders that do have warrantees charge way more for their mods and make 2-4 times as much money as me ($100-$200 per hour).  What I offer is the following: 

1. I will fix any EVS modded machine (even at the MBBM level) for the cost of parts and return shipping only (we do the work for free).  This is for five years.  The most expensive part is the main decoding board with the Blue Ray and VRS chips on it ($200).
2. If you want a warrantee I can give you a one year warrantee for $50. 

Please read our mod comparison page to see how our mods compare to others.   click here 

Any mod can be done at any time.  This way, you could get the basic mod now and add more advanced mods later when you have more money.   The mods done by us in no way affect any software upgrades in the future and all functions remain intact.

The two channel analog outs and the multichannel analog outs are completely separate on the BDP-83.  There is a dedicated two channel DAC for the stereo outs and a dedicated 8 channel DAC for the multichannel outs.  The basic mod covers all 10 channels.  However, you can get advanced mods on the stereo out, the multichannel outs or both.

Mods are currently:

Basic level mod :   $225  Update: 6-25-2010....We are doing even more and the pic and sound are now way better, but we have to raise the price $ about 3.5 hours of labor.    This mod makes all outputs much sound better including digital coax and HDMI.  This mod is mandatory for any more advanced mods we do .....we can do it without any of the analog outputs being modded for $170 but highly recommend you get all the analog output stages modded as you never know when you need a good analog source.  (now with Transport Magic .....see below)

Includes a new Furutec IEC AC connector for better grip, removal of distortion producing parts on the AC input, new soft recovery diodes in the power supply, damping and proprietary treatment of the transport mechanism, modification of all 10 channels of analog output stages, and other proprietary mods.  We remove 13 components and 14 solder joints from the two channel outputs and 12 components and 12 solder joints from the 8 surround sound channels giving way, way more transparent sound.  We solder a 50 ohm resistor directly from the output opamp to the output jacks.  We replace the audio op amps in all 10 analog output stages (two channel and multichannel) with the latest National Semiconductor op amp.  This mod alone gives way better sound for both stereo out and multi-channel out.   With this mod, the size of the instruments gets larger and it sounds about 2db louder at the same volume (no, we did not raise the gain, it is just that the natural dynamics and soundstage are no longer squashed!).  The bass is way more controlled, deep and dynamic.  Instruments in complex music now stand out from each other with amazing detail.  The soundstage is bigger and much more air and space is revealed.  It sounds more natural and real.   Amazing mod.  Amazing deal! 

Update 10-06-09 :  "Transport Magic" has arrived.  We have done another mod to the transport that transforms the sound.  You have to hear this.  Done nowhere else but here.

Advanced mods:   You can do any or all of the below mods in addition:

Please see the Oppo 83SE page for advanced mod info














All mods to the 83 series are discontinued