EVS 1200 amplifier

7-14-2019 :  I have done 9 more mods to the IceEdge molule and added 2 Dark Matter Technologies Cubes to the amp. The sound is really amazing.   If you live in the bay area and want to hear my amp let me know.  I can bring it to your house.  Now available for sale...taking orders!

Hi, everyone,
A little history, in case you have never heard of me. I have been in the audio business either working for others (Trevor Lees, The Sound Well (stereo store), Monster Cable, MFA, Audible Illusions) or doing my own thing under the Tweakaudio name since the late 1970s. My Ultimate Attenuators were reviewed by Stereophile in 1990 and were class A rated for 7 years. I have been modding CD players since they first arrived. In the mid 90s I made a DAC called the "Hand Made DAC" that used the UltraAnalog input receiver, HDCD filter and UltraAnalog DAC chip......these DACs were crazy hand made things with 4 or 5 power transformers, all the best parts, etc. Around 2000 I made a series of DACs called the Millennium DACs, and since then I modded CD players, DVD players, SACD players, and lately a couple of DACS. In the mid 2000s I made some amps using the UCD modules and then after that the early ICEPower modules. You can see a review from 2007 of my old Icepower amp on 10audio.com.

Well, Icepower is no longer with B&O and they have developed a new class D amplifier chip set called IceEdge. This was in development for years. A little over a year ago they released the first amp modules with this technology.....the 1200AS1 (mono module) and the 1200AS (stereo module). These new Icepower amp modules are way, way better sounding than any of the earlier Icepower modules. I am proud to offer amplifiers using these modules utilizing all my 40 plus years of tweaking knowledge for people to enjoy.

These amps are produced one at a time by me.  I am able to hand make 2 amps per week. There are two different balanced input only models. The dual mono stereo amp has two mono modules in it and costs $2200 (plus shipping). The second amp are mono blocks and cost $2900 for the pair (plus shipping).  There is no real advantage to the mono blocks unless you need them (already set up and have short speaker wires). The power supply is built into each amp module and they are 3 inches apart in the dual mono stereo amp so the only thing in common is the IEC inlet (separate wires going to each module).  However, I have an option to have two IECs on the dual mono stereo amp so that you could use two power cords (better sound if you have a dedicated line for each channel).

Here are some of the specs of the amps:
1. 600 watt a channel into 8 ohms, 1200 watts a channel into 4 ohms.
2. 26db of gain
3. 156 K input impedance per phase. Super easy to drive and the higher input impedance sounds better.
4. Super low noise and very low output impedance. The amp is spec rated at 2.7ohm minimum, but I just talked to someone who is using the stereo module on his Theil 3.7 speakers that have a 2.4 ohm impedance at low freqencies that shuts down his old Bryston amp but his IceEdge amp takes the speaker and cranks.
My sense is that because the module is so powerful they are selling a lot of them for subs and stadium use.....and you don't want your concert going dead because the amp goes into protection (2.7 ohms is three 8 ohm speakers in parallel).  I measured the power at 1400 wattss into 2.7 ohms and 1000 watts at 2 ohms.
5. Balanced inputs only.
6. Standby/mute switch for each channel that allows you to put the amp in a super low power mode and also shorts the inputs for super protection.
7. 38 amps peak current available.
8. Chassis measure 17x15x5 and weigh 23 to 25 lbs.
9. Available at this time only in black .

The beyond specs features:
1. Furutech xlr input jacks.
2. Binding post bypass system.....my invention......I use pure copper (not brass) binding posts but I bring the wire from inside the amp through holes in the chassis next to the post and wrap the wire around the outside of the binding post. Now the binding post acts as a clamp only.....the signal does not go through it. This is more transparent sounding than even pure silver nexgen WBT posts ($600 a set).
3. Furutech AC inlet....the AC wire is soldered to this jack.
4. 10 gauge quad twisted Furutech cryoed AC wire soldered from the IEC directly to the pins on the amp module.
5. Input wires are custom hand made from Cardas Grade One copper and put into cotton sleeving that is damped. This wire is listened to for directionality. We like this wire better than even the silver/gold Neotech. These wires are soldered directly to the modules input stage (no connectors inside). Output wire is VH Audio 14 gauge OFC cryoed wire in "Airlock".....VH Audio's name for their proprietary foam teflon. These output wiers are soldered directly to the amp boards and then run outside the amps and wrapped around the outside of the binding post.
6. The AC fuse has some special treatments to lower the distortion so that no audiophile fuse is needed (a world's first).
7. I install my own custom input circuit on the module for way lower distortion.
8. Other proprietary mods done to module.
9. The modules are mounted on a plate of copper and then on top of another plate of aluminum and under that is the bottom plate of the chassis.
10. All the panels of the amp are damped with constrain layer damping material that has aluminum on the outside.
11.  Two Dark Matter Technologies Cubes are employed in the stereo amp (one per mono block).  These cool thangs add warmth and reality to the sound.  Now standard.

Everything I do above makes a sonic improvement.

The stock feet are the same EAR feet used by many companies, including Audio Research, but they are just OK.  I am offering the best Mad Scientist footers as an option for $300 and will be listening to some other feet soon....stay tuned.

The option for two power cords on the dual mono stereo amp is $60 extra.  If you get this option you always have to use two power cords.


The amps are sold with a 30 day (in house) money back guarantee.....in fact, if you do send them back I will also pay for your original shipping to you....so you only lose the shipping back....I lose way over $100 in fees and shipping if you send it back. I only want happy customers. The amps will come with a pair of 8 ohm power resistors so you can burn in the amps all day and night so after a couple of weeks you will have over 300 hours on it. I want to make sure you hear the amps burned in. The amps have a 3 year transferable warrantee.

I A/Bed my mono amps versus a well known amp using these modules (also run as monos and having super connectors and wires) and my amp was in another league. I will be doing more A/Bs at peoples homes here locally in the next week or so and feedback will start to come in here.

I am taking orders now . Call me to discuss payment and delivery time. 831-600-7102    Note: For now, these amps are only being sold in the US and Canada.  Later this year I may ship them overseas, but if I do, you would have to pay shipping both ways if you returned it.

See this page for differences between my amp and the Mivera SE amps (that use the stereo module)

See this page for differences between my amp and the Nord IceEdge amp (also with one stereo module).
7-3-2019:    Here is a pic of the back of the first production stereo amp.   The Bottom Furutech IEC inlet is the one to use ...the other one is just a hole filler (to be changed to a Furutech inlet if you get the version with two power cords). Does not have the speaker wires installed.  Note: Amps are now balanced input only.   The rca jacks you see below will not be installed.  Newer pic coming soon.
Crude pics of prototype.  The finishd chassis will have: EVS1200  engraved on the front.  Just got a new camera and will take some time to learn how to take some good pics.  Basic black box with thick face plate..
Big pic below showing binding post bypass system in all its glory.   Note, amps are now balanced input only.    The rca jacks on the input that is in the pic below will not be installed.   Also notice the knurled washer on the binding post nut that does not spin when you turn the nut.....very cool. I will post another pic without rca jack soon.
Pic below showing some of the inside of amp.  Yes, hand made, for sure.  Amps mounted on copper foil.....constrained layer damping everywhere, hand made wires, multiple wires soldered directly to Furutech inlet, etc.   Black felt is covering mods to protect the innocent....he he. 

Pic below shows position of one of the DMT cubes mounted  next to the amp module underneath the ground wire.

Pic below shows the mounting putty for the DMT cube in the correct position and the cube above it not mounted on it.
Pic below shows the second DMT Cube mounted on top of the mounting putty. You do not want the Cubes to touch the amp module.
8-31-2019: The first batch of amps are sold and the feedback is great.  I will have links to reviews here as they appear.  Now taking orders for the second batch.  We have streamlined the assembly and the amps will go out as scheduled.

EVS 1200 amp is discontinued.