The EVS100M mono block amp below. The stereo 100S chassis still has the painted top with screws. 
Below is a 3 stack of EVS 100S amps.....perfect for 6 channel.
Below is detail of binding post bypass system.  Note custom litz wire tinned and soldered to itself.  World's best sounding (no sound) binding post.  A world's first.  Your spades or bare wire are simply clamped to the wire coming out of the amp.
Pic below is of back of EVS 100M amp. Note the extra holes for an optional second set of output jacks (to make biwiring easier) and also the option of balanced inputs.
EVS 100S amp.....only 5.75lbs of super sound.  Chassis is 16 inches wide, 8 inches deep and 3 inches tall.
Pyramid of EVS amps
Shown above is 100S with built in Ultimate Attenuators (nude damped Vishay series resistor) and second input.  Price as shown is $1035.