Modified Wima Caps

These modified MKP2 series Wima caps (smallest cap Wima reason they sound so good) are amazing.  I first heard the Wima .33 Polyprop cap when it was the input cap on the first Nuforce amp.  I replaced it with a fully burned in V-Cap Teflon with very little difference.  I then knew this cap was super.  However, soon after that Wima replaced the copper leads with steel leads....a no no sonically.   So, I dremeled off the ends and the steel leads and replaced them with Wonder Solder Signature tinned 6N copper wires.  I also marked the polarity of each cap for the outside foil.  Now the sound was even better.  I have been using these modded caps in my mods for a few years and have decided to make them available to the DIYer.  The main value I stock is .33uf at 100V.  I can also give a 250V version (same size as 100V ones) for one dollar more.  I can mod smaller values but find the .33s are so fast that you do not need a smaller value and they are large enough that they can add some warmth. These are great as bypass caps on power supplies and also as coupling caps if you don't need a large value.  Three of them in parallel = one microfarad.  Orient them in the circuit so the outside foil (marked with black ink) is going to ground, output or lowest voltage.  Make sure they are stably mounted.  You do not want them dangling in the air.  Do not use double stick tape to mount them.  A little Amazing Goop works good. 

Modded .33 100V Wima metalized props are $10.00 each.   250V versions are $11.00 each.    They measure 14mm x 8mm x 5mm.

 Picture below shows a bunch of modded ones and one stock one with its steel leads stuck to a magnet.

Pics below show the denuding and rewiring of a .15 cap