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Ric's Anti-cold Remedy

I have been using the Wellness Formula (Source Naturals) and also occasionally The Emergen-C (vitamin C fizzies) for several years to combat the onset of colds and viruses. Most of the time they worked pretty well but one year I got a cold and for 2 weeks it would not go away. I went into the Boulder Creek New Leaf Market and asked Karen for advice. She immediately showed me the “Cold and Sinus Blaster”. I started using it and within 2 days the cold was gone.
It has been 4 years since I have had a cold. I can feel one start to come on and then I immediately do the below procedure. I might be fighting the cold for a few days or even a week, but never really get sick.

Primary 3 Ingredients:
Emergen-C Immune + formula: This is THE one to have. It has zinc in it. If you don't have this one then take whatever Emergen-C you have and a separate zinc supplement.

Wellness Formula (Source Naturals): tablets or capsules. This stuff has a ton of different herbal and vitamin super immune system boosters. Amazing stuff.

Cold and Sinus Blaster (I buy the New Leaf branded product but is sold everywhere by LA Naturals…don't get the cheap version that does not have Goldenseal): Also has a lot of immune system boosters and sinus clearers including Horseradish.


Secondary but very important ingredients:
Organic Chicken Soup (I recommend Wolfgang Puck's Free Range Chicken with white and wild rice) with chopped up Garlic.

Raw Garlic


At the first noticeable symptom (slightly sore throat, sneezing, the “I think I am getting a cold” feeling, feeling drained, etc.) mix one packet of Emergen-C Immune formula in about 3 oz. of water and drink it down with 2 tablets or capsules of Wellness Formula.

After about 10 minutes, take a full half dropper of Cold and Sinus Blaster under the tongue and let it do its thing. Try not to swallow it right away. This stuff is pretty intense as it contains horseradish. Some of you “spicy lovers” will find it interesting……some of you will not. Please try and tolerate it as it is the “secret mainline ingredient”. Well, not so secret anymore.
Continue taking 2 Wellness formula tablets every 2 hours. Continue taking a quarter dropper of Cold and Sinus Blaster every 4 hours or so.

Get some Organic Chicken soup and have it for dinner with some other non-heavy foods. Chop up a half to a full clove of raw garlic and simmer it into the soup. Add a half a can of water to the soup so a long simmer still leaves you with a cans worth of soup. The Garlicized Chicken Soup is quite yummy. I recommend you have one every few days during the winter. While you are cutting some raw garlic for the soup stick a little in your mouth and suck on it awhile. Raw Garlic is super good at killing bad viruses and cleaning you out. Some people cannot stand raw garlic, but it is powerful stuff. You don't need to suck on a whole clove…..just a little goes a long way.

When your body is down in energy then a cold or flu virus finds an easier “victim”. So, you need to think about what you are eating and how your body and life are right at that moment. If you are stressing out over something then this will lower your immune system. If you have been overworking then slow down. If you are not looking at certain feelings then it is time to do so. Your body is telling you something. Listen. Do not stop eating but eat very moderate and only eat foods that are easy on your body. Everybody's body is different but you know what “weighs you down”. This is not the time to pig out on fat, cheese, white floor, heavy meals, heavy drinking, etc. Drink a lot of liquids. Get some good rest. Do some auto relaxation exercises, breath, get some sunshine, think positive thoughts, another words: LOVE YOURSELF

Of course this is always what we need to be doing: taking care of ourselves. Take care of yourself so you can enjoy life and take care of others.

If you have some “super remedies” that work on a cold or have some things that you recommend for staying so healthy that you never get a cold (for instance, some people are super high on Vitamin D as an immune system builder) I would love to know about them. Feel free to share them with me at ricevs@comcast.net I will try them out and if I find them beneficial I will get the word out. I am going to start a website that will have both health and spiritual stuff on it and the info can be shared there. Please email me if you want to be on a list to be informed of the website when it is up and running. If you want the Word file of this Remedy so you can email it to someone or to print some for manual distribution then email me.