When shopping for mods you need to have as much information as possible to make a good decision.  Obviously, anything I print here is simply my opinion.  So you can take it with a grain of salt.....but if you look at my webpages, history, etc. I think you will find I am very honest and straightforward.  I have often....mucho times in fact, sent people to other modders or suggest they buy other products that fit what they really need.  I think life is service.....I want my products to serve people and give them the best value they can possible get.  I want to feel that my customer is getting the absolute best that their money can buy.   I try to treat people as if they were myself and only make products that I would personally live with.

Modwright versus EVS:

Modwright does a mod on the Oppo 105 that is very serious......a super output stage for $2500.  The problem is that is really the only thing they do.....a better output stage.  He says he "upgrades some power supply parts"....but you cannot see what he does.  There are tons of places inside a player to make better sound and video.  Offering a super output stage is great but there is much more.  Every single thing I do to the Oppo player makes it sound better.  All mods are tested on the player.  They are not done because they are theoretically better but only because they make the sound better.  I have been modding players since they first appeared in the mid 80s.

1. My output stage is at least as good as the Modwright tube stage.  I use a jfet buffer circuit that is much more simple than the tube stage Modwright uses.  There is only one resistor, one jfet (as wideband buffer) and one coupling cap in series with the signal in each phase.  Very simple, very pure.  This output stage is powered by our own discrete cascoded current sourced shunt regulators.  There are no electrolytic caps on the output of our regulators.  Only modified Wima caps.  Our coupling caps are good poly props bypassed by modded Wima caps and we add WA Quantum chips to the output caps as well....extremely transparent. 

2. I change the rectifier diodes to much better sounding ones (that are damped and optionally WA Chipped) and these make for better sound for the output stage and the DAC.  Modwright does not do this.

3. I change the electrolytic caps in the main 3.3V power supply for the DAC to better ones and bypass them with hand modified Wima caps.  This gives better sound.  Modwright does not do this.

4. I change the stock clock to a Femto clock for better sound and bypass the clocks power supply with a modified Wima cap.  Modwright does not do this.

5. I damp the large heatsinks on the output board for much more real and palpable sound.  Modwright does not do this.

6. I add WA Quantum chips to a number of electrolytic caps for better sound.  Modwright does not do this.

7. I removed the toslink output jack for much more real sound.  Modwright does not do this.

8. I modify the transport in serious ways.  I black all the insides of the covers of the transport, black around the laser, treat the tray with two special treatments, use constrained layer damping material on both covers, and constrained layer material is mounted on the disc spinner.  These are time consuming and very tweaky mods.  Modwright puts some Soundcoat material on top of the top disc cover....this would make very little difference.  My damping, blacking and CD tray treatments make a big difference in sound.

9. I offer a modified linear power supply replacement for the stock switching supply.  This gives better sound and better picture.  Modwright does not do this.

10. I can optionally modifiy the headphone amplifier for much better sound.  And even increase its voltage gain if desired.  Modwright does not do this.

11. I offer mods to the multichannel outputs including balanced outs and jfet buffers for the center channel.  Modwirght does not mod the multichannel outs.

12. I offer a mod for $700 that includes my super zero feedback fet buffer output stage and regulators, Femto clock, better power supply caps for the DAC supply, better diodes and damping of heatsinks.  This is less than one quarter the price of the Modwright mod but does much, much more.

13. You can start out with the $700 mod and add more down the line as money allows. 

The $700 mod does the most for the money.  After that you want the transport mod, then the linear power supply and then the Audio Magic Pulse GX. 

I have never listened to a Modwright modded 105.  I cannot give you a sonic description difference.  Still, everything above still applies.  Every single thing I do makes the sound better.  I do a lot of stuff in a lot of places.  Modwirght does a lot of stuff for his output stage.  Looking at the reviews and comments on line about my mods and the Modwright mods......I see the same comments from people with my $700 mod as with his $2500 mod......sounds like the same guys saying the same thing.  However, one paid $700 and the other paid $2500.  That is a lot of difference.