Comparison of EVS modded Sonica and Modwright modded Sonica

The Modwright mod is a very sofisticated output stage mod.  It has a separate power supply and I am sure makes the Sonica sound much better.  If I did his mod I would have to charge what he does....there are lots of parts and labor in his mod.  The problem is that the Modwright mod is only an output stage mod.  He does nothing else to the DAC to improve the sound.  Every single thing listed on my mod page makes the sound better.  All the power supply mods make the DAC sound better.  Unless the power to the DAC and clock are cleaned up you will not get what is possible from the DAC.  An output stage is only one factor in the DAC.  My output stage is very transparent.  Way, way better than stock.  But it is the combination of everything I do that makes the magic.    The Modwright mod is $2500 plus better tubes plus a second better power cord ($2800+).  The EVS mod is $800 or $1000 balanced.